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Pickle Line & Acid Tanks

602_Carbon-Strip-Push-Pull-Acid-Tank-Granite-Protection.jpgRock of Ages has manufactured acid and rinse tank components for industrial applications for more than 60 years using our Rock of Ages Gray and Bethel White granites. These granites have proven to be wear-resistant and durable in hydrochloric, phosphoric and other concentrated acid environments.

Rock of Ages manufactures granite skid caps, covers, walls and floors for original equipment manufacturers and for replacement in the field. We can supply small or large orders with simple or complex shapes. Rock of Ages can supply components with standard or very tight tolerances and special finishes to meet your specific requirements.


602_Carbon-Strip-Push-Pull-Rinse-Tank-Granite-Protection.jpgYears of outstanding performance and service prove that Rock of Ages granite acid and rinse tank components are exceptionally long-lasting, corrosion resistant and wear resistant.  Rock of Ages granite is ideal for acid pickling and rinse tank use because it is abrasion resistant and virtually unaffected by the acids used in these applications. Our granite can withstand the hot acid bath & corrosive acid fumes and constant abrasion from steel sheets and wire rods.


Heavy, smooth granite covers, floors and sides may reduce strip buckling during feed-ups. Granite Tank components from Rock of Ages will help you provide an efficient, trouble-free system.


In the past, acid resistant bricks were used to line acid and rinse tanks. Brick liners may cause problems that result in high maintenance costs due to leakage. Acid bath temperatures are constantly changing between production shifts and shutdowns. This can cause the mortar joints to crack and allow acid to seep through, damaging rubber linings and other tank components. Solid covers and liners made from Rock of Ages granite and manufactured to fit your tank will help to minimize leaking. With Rock of Ages granite acid and rinse tank components your process up time may be significantly improved.

Put our 60 plus years of experience to work for you. Contact us to learn more about reducing your maintenance costs with Rock of Ages pickle line and acid tank granite.