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From Norman Rockwell to Frank Lloyd Wright to Star Trek and more...

Vermont is a beautiful state, a popular destination visited by millions of people each year. May we suggest some important reasons why you should consider touring Rock of Ages while here in our picturesque state?

Rock of Ages now has intergalactic connections. We are pleased to announce that our own spectacular Smith Quarry was used to create the backdrop for the dramatic car chase scene in the 2009 Star Trek Movie. Please drop to sublight speed and beam over to see us the next time you are in Vermont!

ETHNIC CULTURAL HERITAGE is truly diverse in Barre. Thousands of people flocked to Barre in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to seek jobs in Barre's burgeoing quarries and factories (sheds). The first wave of immigrants came from Scotland, bringing with them quarrying know-how. The Italians brought their knowledge of sculpting. French-speaking peoples came to Barre by way of Canada. All of these and other ethnicities added their rich cultural and culinary flavors to the then-entrenched Yankee traditions.   

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EDWARD BURTYNSKY is a Canadian photographer whose stunning images of global industrial landscapes has earned him international recognition. He shot our Barre Vermont quarries in 1991.

 534_BURTYED0301_copy5.jpg   534_edward-burtynsky-rock-of-ages-14-abandoned-section-e-l-smith-quarry-barre-vermont-photographs-ektacolor-print.jpg   534_edward-burtynsky-earth-01-690x549.jpg 


NORMAN ROCKWELL uniquely captured the American spirit. Did you know that Rockwell spent many productive years living in Vermont and that he created two paintings for Rock of Ages?

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FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT'S impact upon American architectural design is indelible. Rock of Ages built the only granite mausoleum designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Furthermore, one of his designs celebrating the Winnebago Indians was perfected in granite by Rock of Ages.

 534_blueskymauso1.jpg   534_bluemausole2.jpg 


NATIONAL WWII MEMORIAL erected on the Mall in Washington D.C. in 2003 is a glorious and long-overdue testament to the Greatest Generation. The Atlantic and the Pacific arches, the largest elements of the Memorial, were fabricated right here at Rock of Ages.

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CONNECT WITH US by learning about our industry and our culture. Tour our quarries, observe our artisans, explore our kiosk and exhibits. You'll be glad you came.